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The bioclimatic pergolas by Hazel Gazebo is an innovative patio covering and perfectly complements your outdoor living space experience. The exclusive attribute of a bioclimatic pergola is the way the louvered roof works.

These louvered roofs naturally regulates the temperature of your outdoor space by controlling the sunlight heat and ventilation direction. High end motorized louver roofs with automatic moving sunshades are made of aluminium structure with insulated aluminium panels and offer outstanding comfort in both cold and hot seasons.

Bioclimatic pergolas could be defined as the most intelligent solution to create a better climate management. Unlike other pergolas this one is built using a system of adjustable slats. With automated louvered roof system, the structure is capable of regulating the ambient heat and natural ventilation, thanks to the sensor system, with rain sensor for automatic closing and wind sensor for automatic opening depending in how the slats are placed.

Our motorized louver pergola will make your outdoor space your new favourite room in the house.

The bioclimatic pergola comes in 3 different designs : freestanding, lean-to and with a retractable blades..

The freestanding model is mounted in 4 sturdy legs, sometimes upto 8 for larger pergolas.

The lean-to ones as the name suggests, is fitted to an existing wall/structure. This type can save a lot of ground work as it requires only 2 legs as support. The third type is the retractable or louvered roof. These are built mainly with steel trusses and incorporated with slats that are angled, letting in light and air and can keep out of rain and heat too.

The louvre technology is great for creating waterproof roofing solutions and cool shading in summer and can even retract back and open up to the sky. Finally, you could also include accessories that will make light and your favorite music the protagonists of all your outdoor events.

Options: (Add on’s)

  • Infrared Heating System
  • Rain/Wind Sensors for Automatic Closing
  • LED (Spots or Rail)
  • Solar and Insect screens
  • Climate Control
  • Decorative Corbel ends
  • Aluminium Door and Sliding Door
  • Standard Colours
  • Integrated speaker Module Audio System
  • Sliding and Guillotine Glass Systems
  • Zip Screen
  • Spotlights, fans and custom accessories
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Shade Control

Remote operated motorized louvre can be angled to adjust the light preventing heat build up while retaining the shade.

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Sun Control

Opening and shutting the louvre can let in 85% of the natural light thus maximising natural ventilation.

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Ventilation / Rain Control

Complete control over the airflow is allowed depending on the weather - hot summer days or cold windy days. Efficient ventilation, while incorporating sealing gaskets designed to ensure tightness against rain water penetration and combined with our screens and panels gives a complete outdoor comfort.

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Remote Control

Stop anywhere in between for a complete control over your environment. Louvre roof comes with motorised remote control that can be operated at the touch of a button. Upgrade to a smart sensor array and synchronize your pergola configuration. An integrated sensor system can be installed for an automated use of the roof. Take control of the weather by keeping rain and wind out. An extensive range of remote control roof motorized pergola options are available, such as nature, heat treated or chemical. Choose from these truly amazing designs of either waterproof, easily assembled or eco friendly remote controlled louvre roof motorized pergola of your choice.

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Leaf Control

Hot summer days or cold windy days - the amount of airflow needed is your choice!! The controlled ventilation, sensor system to protect from falling leaves inside, combined with our screen and panels gives everyone the complete outdoor comfort.

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Cleaning Control

It includes a remote that opens and closes the louvers on demand. You also have the option to upgrade to a smart sensor array for true set-it management of your pergola configuration. Your installer can program the integrated sensor system to automatically close the roof at the first sign of rain and open in high winds to prevent damage. In case if freezing conditions , the temperature sensor signals the roof to open to avoid potentially-damaging snow and ice build up. A wide variety of remote control roof motorized pergola options are available to you, such as nature, heat treated and chemical. You can also choose from waterproof, easily assembled and eco friendly remote control louver roof motorized pergola.

Is maintaining a Motorized Pergola difficult?

Hazel's made to measure louvered roof structure stands out in its ease for adaptability ensuring effortless access to outdoors throughout the year. These sensor installed retractable louvres are remote operated to move the components of the roof structure and the product can be safeguarded by scheduling an annual cleaning and inspection process with our team.

Difference between a fixed roof pergola and one with a Motorized Louver roof.

While a fixed roof pergola offers a permanent feature of full time shaded area for year-round use, a motorized louvre roof offers more flexibility with the click of a button to control sun penetration and other seasonal changes.

Is a louvered roof customisable?

In short -Yes!! Browse through out varied options for an ideal choice for your pergola

Smart Mobile

Elevate the aesthetics of your pergola from anywhere on the property or anywhere in the world with an app on your phone. Fully compatible with your smartphone or tablet you can program scenes to suit your convenience with its simple to use interface

Music Fans

The fully integrated outdoor music system provides a robust home network that allows you to control your music while relaxing in the pergola. Connectable via Bluetooth and compatible with mobile devices, the system is thoughtfully designed to maximise your outdoor entertainment system, meaning it is resistant to moisture, dust and UV rays.

Heating System

Add gentle warmth to your outdoor shelter during cold weather. Infrared heating technology provides efficient and economical use of the charged energy into a usable heat. These radiant heaters guarantees comfort with a range of control functions for warm outdoor days.

Glass System

Hazel Gazebo's sliding glass doors are perfect for those looking to bring a real hit for all seasons. With innumerable possibilities from weather protection to creating a cosy add-ons or to add sophistication to your outdoor area, these glass door systems can revolutionise your space without compromising on visibility.

Zip Screen

Tailored to suit your space, zipscreens can be a perfect shield for both residential and commercial outdoor space. They can gently filter sunlight, cut the glare and also provide privacy while protecting your floor and furniture from UV fading. An excellent barrier against wind gusts, rain, insects and pollution these traditional shade solutions make an outdoor structure an ultimate comfort zone.


Upgrading your pergola with automated sensors can detect unfavourable weather conditions and can respond by controlling the slat movements of your pergola. These intelligent sensors send signals and thereby protecting the inhabitants, furniture and other valuables from UV rays, rain or wind thus enhancing the functionality of an automated louvered pergola.

LED Lights

Sparkle up your pergola with LED lighting and turn them into a show stopper. Using a varied mix of light sources like white strips or RGB for those wanting to set an aura, boosts the ambience. These remote controlled lights comes equipped with voice controls like Alexa or an app on your phone or tablet. This technology compatible lights can be controlled from the comfort of your home inside if you forget to turn them off.

LED lights are a perfect addition to your pergola. They outperform incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs and energy saving bulbs by providing excellent light quality and use significantly less energy thus reducing environmental impacts. LED light stays cool to touch with no heat or UV emissions, instant lighting and ability to withstand frequent switching making it as a safer option for outdoor use.

Water Drainage System

Louvered roof systems are useful for both sun and rain. Can be opened to allow in air and light or closed for shade or as used as a water proof roof when it rains. The louvered roof has drainage channels connected to downpipes that allows excess rain water to gutter off through engineered channels on the selected post uprights and out into the ground or gravel. This is one of the quickest water evacuation method.

We recommend a built-in gutter system for louvered roof systems. The rain water can be directed either to your garden or to a gutter in the ground. This inbuilt gutter design feature gives your louvered roof a sophisticated look. The motors and mechanisms are hidden inside the built-in gutter. This genius system means you will never see the water draining off the pergola.


All Seasons
Rain Water Sensor
Sun UV Protective
LED Light Controller
Remote Controller
Water Protective

When you want a "clean style" add-ons for your outdoor, a contemporary pergola design could set the benchmark. We at Hazel Gazebo can offer you some enticing options or incorporate your very own style and design, something specific for you. A variety of materials can be used -- wood, metal or composite materials like fibre glass to suit your taste and budget.

Take a look at our exclusive designs and innovative products and let us transform your world- give us a call!!!

The Smart Pergola concept outsmarts the traditional pergola designs. These motorized louvered roofs have slats that can safeguard from inclement weather providing unmatched versatility and comfort combined with low-maintanence & durability. Transform your outdoors and make yourself feel right at home with accessories that match your interest. Ceiling fans, accent lighting, custom colors, outdoor heating and cooling, wood wraps and many more. Integrating smart technology boosts the features and convenience.

Shape your outdoor space into a sophisticated, creative living area all round the year with The Smart Pergola.

RAL 9016 White
RAL 9006 Aluminum
RAL 9005 Jet Black
RAL 7016 Anthracite
RAL 8017 Chocolate Brown
RAL 9001 Cream
Color Options

And many more RAL colors and wood finishes to choose from...