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Shield and Ramp up your establishments outdoor space from sunlight and harsh weather using Commercial pergolas.

Commercial Pergolas are a great alternative option for your outdoor area due to their beautiful appeal and longevity. The strength, customizability and functionality of these outdoor additions helps to maintain their design and structure for decades even when buffeted by harsh weather conditions. This way a pergola can protect and enhance the beauty of your establishments outdoor area. Having a unique outdoor restaurant with dining space comprising of seating tailored to provide unprecedented shade can provide exceptional experience for the customers.

Entrepreneurs are continously on the look out for ways to increase the appeal of their outdoor spaces to make their guest's experience memorable. Our visually attractive pergolas are a unique addition to your patios, pool areas and rooftop terraces. It's a free standing system where people can get away to confederate, collaborate and focus. The pergola structure allows for a multitude of geometries. This architectural system can act as a meeting destination and thereby create a space that improves connection, collaboration and focus, making it both attractive and functional. Having a unique outdoor dining space can attract customers to your restaurant or cafe and even highlight your brand and thereby sets the restaurant or country club apart from the rest.

Creating privacy and shade, gives customers a lavish setting to enjoy their experience while being home amongst family and friends. Pergolas can heighten your outdoor living enjoyment and take your business to the next level whether you want to welcome a homely feel or your space filled with beautiful memories. Revel in the beauty outdoors and drive in more business with commercial pergolas by crafting an elegant extension to your business premises. Whatever the application is for, if your priority is to attract customers to your restaurant or café or car showroom, these extra space can definitely guarantee a strong and positive long term relationship with your customers.

The outdoor place of your business deserves to be maximised into a functional yet sophisticated area and entertain customers. Hot summer afternoons or rainy mornings should no longer be an excuse to ruin your long discussions or dining plans. Our light weight pergolas and durable motorized louvered roof systems are sturdy and available in a variety of hues and sizes. Your new tailored to fit patio roof can thereby enhance your outdoor oasis.

Creating a trendy cozy atmosphere for your restaurant or café by choosing the right pergola is a key element towards your investment. Enhance and refresh your landscape thereby increasing the seating capacity and dining options which will ultimately attract more customers. Anything is possible with the new technology and advanced materials incorporated in designing a pergola system. The specifics are your choice.

Spend countless hours in hot summer season or wintry nights or rainy days with endless discussions between friends and peers relishing under the pergola. A cozy retreat in the backyard that attracts your family and friends, installing a pergola in a terrace or patio will increase the flexibility and versatility of your outdoor spaces.

The experts at Hazel Gazebo can be entrusted upon to maximise your business potential and attract more new customers irrespective of the inclement weather. We provide a variety of quality materials and visually appealing designs to choose from, thereby ensuring that our client's pergola profiles complements their commercial building. Unleash your limited imagination and create the look of your dreams with custom colors and accessories - a sleek modern look or a rustic design could be beneficial for your business. Hazel Gazebo's aluminium pergolas can be customized with wood wraps and colors and exterior wood accent pieces.


These pergolas makes your property dazzle combined with options that are compatible with amazing architecture that complements your workspace and can add value to it thereby attracting more customers irrespective of weather conditions.

Commercial Installations

The Smart Pergola is a perfect add-on for commercial installations to attract business by creating elegant and eye- catching outdoor living spaces regardless of weather conditions any time of the year. Providing efficient and aesthetic protection from sun and rain, our patented pergolas even enhances the look and feel of the business facility with its exquisite design. Our out of the world engineering and design concepts allows these areas to be fabricated and individualized to reap the benefits of your chosen concept.

There are a wide range of pergola designs and the three main types of modern pergola systems include aluminium pergola, bioclimatic and retractable commercial pergola. They are a great addition to backyard space and each has its own benefits depending on the functionality and aesthetics.

The aluminum fixed pergola can be customized with a variety of colours and different shapes of fixed louvers. It converts any outdoor space into a functional yet sophisticated area due to its extruded aluminum profiles that provide optimal shade and thermal comfort.

Bioclimatic pergola on the other hand has adjustable and retractable blade roof controlled just at the push of a button. The rotatable blades can be adjusted between 0° to 135°, thereby enabling full control of micro-environmental climate.

With retractable pergola you can have the most of sunshine and air by retracting the fabric roof to your convenience, thus allowing the customers to enjoy the natural ventilation. Alternatively, the roof can be closed during a splash of rain or dust storm.

The bells and whistles linked to outdoor living is endless. Reap the benefits of your outdoor structure by adding a pergola that defines your space and architectural feature.

The outdoor louvered roof pergola offers outstanding comfort in cold and hot seasons and is perfect for any outdoor commercial area. The heavy-duty design provides thermal insulation, equipped along with a structured gutter system. The tilted louvers let's you play with the light and shade the way you want.