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Also called sunroom or patio room, our high quality glass rooms will not only add style to your home, it will be an expanded living space of your house. You can enjoy your garden from these rooms, walled and roofed fully or partially with glass while protecting you from the sun and fierce wind throughout the year, whatever the weather. Glassrooms are an extremely versatile and stylish addition to any home. You may use this unique part of your home for lounging and entertainment, as a dining area for parties and gatherings, not to mention a quiet tranquil area to relax in after a long day at work or even use as a workout space!!

Versatility is a huge added benefit, your glass enclosure can be your dining area, a kitchen expansion, a spa like retreat or an entertainment area- your imagination is the limit.

If you've been dreaming of turning your patio into a gorgeous outdoor space, a glass room is for you with multi sliding doors and movable windows. Glass rooms gives you a feeling of being outdoors while maintaining the comfort of relaxing indoors. The seamless glass walls buffer you from natural elements like rain, extreme heat or cold and even bugs, thus allowing you to make the most of nature.

Why choose a Glass Room?

A glass room can offer an indoor-outdoor hybrid space and is one of the most attractive, affordable and dynamic ways to get more significant value to your home or place of business. It's one of the most underutilised options to brighten up your home and your mood without having to step outside. Ideal for both domestic and commercial applications and designed for those who want to maximise as much light and solar gain as possible. A glass room addition can do wonders for your health from lowering of cholesterol and blood pressure to an improved immune system and even emotional stability. These UV protected sunrooms have a temperature control option that let's people use it as a home office or a green space or enjoy gazing at the stars even in the chilliest nights. The options are boundless.

It may seem as though these rooms are just glorified conservatories, although that is not the case. Our glass garden rooms incorporates a modular glass veranda system wherein it can be closed in wet conditions, but opened fully during favorable weather's. This is not a generic product ordered in different sizes. Every glassroom is made re order. Meaning, your exact specifications are met and catered for.

This four-season room is an effective way to maximise space and add sophistication to your home. Our experienced space team will design the glassrooms, expertly tailored to your needs and practical requirements thus making the glassrooms a perfect intermediate space between inside and out.

This ultrasleek premium glassroom is an architects delight and it's easy to see why. They are virtually framless and the transparency offered has this exquisite way of giving you the pleasure of being in the heart of the garden. Be it free standing construction or wall mounted variant, this timeless styled glassrooms makes it one of the flexible glasshouses on the market. The revolutionary and elite design is backed up with its solid workmanship and premium quality materials. The impact glass will have on your home can be staggering. A simple standard lean-to extension or a hipped variant or double pitched model can dramatically accentuate your home. The roof is compatible with either full glass or frame side systems along with awnings that can be used in conjunction with our garden glassrooms to create a unique structure.

Benefits of having a glass room

Panoramic Views

Elegant, pragmatic and affordable, the glassrooms from Hazel Gazebo makes a spectacular addition to any property. There is so much glass and such trivial frame in a glass room that you get the most phenomenal view of your outdoor surroundings. Considering to revel in the great outdoors from the serenity of your own uninterrupted space, glass rooms are a fantastic option that checks all the boxes. Wake up to an amazing view of your seaside/beach residence by creating a unique innovative glassroom attached to your bedroom and enjoy morning sun and singing of the birds. The starry night skies can also be added to your favourite list by turning your glassroom into an ultimate experience with a rocking chair or two. Enjoy sweeping views of your outdoor space. An ultimate indoor oasis!!

All-year round space:

A glass room brings the outdoors in , all year long simplicity and subtlety make the straight line of our classic glass sunroom a seamless addition to your home. The benefits of this means that not only can you shelter from the rain and wind , and even snow, but you can also provide shade from the summer sun. This transforms an already impressive glass room into a truest year round all weather system. Despite the high volume of glass in a glass room, it provides excellent thermal efficiency and will adjust to the temperature outside. This enables to use the space at any time of the year. Glass room or glass enclosures offer unlimited seasonal use as well as the ability to enjoy a variety of benefits throughout the entire year.

Add a value to your home:

One of the numerous ways homeowners can manage to add value to their properties is by providing additional space and pronounced functionality to their home. A quality glassroom can considerably increase the overall value of your home. Using only the finest materials and with precise designing, eyes will be drawn immediately to your extended garden room if built to complement its surroundings. Not only does it look visually appealing but there are many places in the house where installing a glass rooftop would even cut down the electricity outlays. Integrate the design and decor ideas to create a perfect outdoor living area making the glass room an investment rather than simply a purchase.


A glassroom is an expansion of your home at its heart. Glassrooms can be made bespoke to your requirements and specific needs. No matter what your needs are, Hazel's range of glassrooms can be tailored to suit your home, space and budget. Explore our varied range of options to suit your family needs, for example a retractable roof system can be designed to roll back the roof of a structure at the touch of a button to ensure you get to enjoy the outdoors any time of the year. Glassrooms can also have the option of an awning attached to the roof. It's benefit is obvious. Create an entirely closed area with a shaded roof, yet can also be completely opened up with a glass roof according to your convenience. A variety of customisable accessories can be added to the system to make it an immaculate match. Infrared heating or LED light system are a perfect addition to your glassrooms to enable you to use the glassroom for relaxation with your family and friends after dark. We offer you unlimited patterns and designs with endless color options including standard clear glass to any color of your choice and imagination. With a custom home design that encompasses customisable sizing, printing, and glass finish processes, our custom glass rooms can be used across a wide array of aesthetic settings. If you are into stargazing or cloud watching, this modern 'inside-outside' space is the beau idéal choice for you.

Quick Installation

The garden glass room is an architectural highlight of your home and can be installed fairly quickly thanks to the modern design. The work required to install a glasroom is minimal owing to the highly adjustable mounting system and lack of groundwork for the design, hence often no foundation repairs are required and in most cases no planning permits needed. An ideal glassroom consists of the best frame materials for your doors and windows such as uPVC. This eco - friendly material is not only easy to maintain, customisable and quickly installed, according to the aesthetics of the space, but also has high durability and is energy efficient along with water resistant properties meaning a longer life span without ageing.